What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction occurs when a tooth that is no longer required or that can no longer be restored for function is removed.

For the majority of cases, a normal tooth extraction is a simple process that can be treated under local anesthesia by an experienced general dentist or oral surgeon in just a few minutes. At BIDH oral surgery clinic, all our wisdom teeth removal and surgical teeth extractions are done by qualified and top oral surgeons. Advancement in technologies using 3D CT Scan, digital imaging now has shorten teeth removal treatment timings, less invasive, more precies and provides you with better comfort. You can also opt for sedative dentistry if you are anxious about having teeth removal done.

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Leading Oral surgeons

Our team of oral surgeons at BIDH oral surgery clinics are leading surgeons in Thailand. Many of them are American and German board certified oral surgeons that have done major and complicated surgical treatments. Consult on sedation treatment options with oral surgeons for pain-free dentistry.

Why extract teeth?

There are a number of reasons why a tooth extraction is needed:

  1. The tooth is severely decayed or damaged.
  2. Advanced periodontal disease (“gum disease”) that makes the tooth loose and requiring removal.
  3. Tooth may be broken or infected so much that it cannot be repaired.
  4. The tooth may need removal because it is poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted wisdom teeth)
  5. In preparation for orthodontic treatment (“braces”), teeth extraction may be required to make space or adjust bite alignment.
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Problems associated if extracted teeth are not replaced

When a tooth is missing its neighboring teeth will tend to shift, sometimes significantly, which in turn can have a major impact on your dental health. Even the removal of a single tooth can lead to problems related to your chewing ability, problems with your jaw joint, and the problem of a possibility that the surrounding teeth of predispose the teeth may shifted. To avoid these complications, in most cases, your dentist will probably always recommend to you to replace the tooth that has been extracted.

Missing teeth replacement options include:

Dental Bridges Dental Implants Dentures

Tooth Extraction Questions

How are teeth extraction done?
  1. First evaluation
    • Your dentist will need to examine your mouth and teeth before a determination can be made that a tooth extraction is warranted.
    •  As a part of this examination a x-ray (radiograph) will be taken of the tooth in question. This x-ray will allow your dentist to evaluate both the internal aspects of the tooth as well as the tooth’s root portion and the bone that encases it.
    • Thereafter, your relevant medical history will be taken. Do make sure that you report to your dentist any problems with any previous tooth extractions, any bleeding problems or medical conditions in general. Also, make sure your dentist knows all of the medicines and supplements you are taking to avoid any complications in tooth extraction. As an example, aspirin is known to retard the blood clotting process.
    • If you are worry about pain or anxious, ask your oral surgeon on sedation options whereby pre-arrangements can be made for you.
  2. Tooth extraction treatment
    • Before your tooth extraction your dentist will need to anesthetize (“numb up”) both the tooth that will be extracted and the jawbone and gums that surround it.
    • The tooth is removed and your dentist will give you a set of post extraction instructions to follow in the first 24 hours.
  3. Re-check visit
    • After 5 to 7 days, a re-check appointment is made to check your healing site.
What happens after teeth removal?
  1. After teeth removal, please do not spit
  2. If drinking liquids, do no use a straw
  3. Avoid smoking for the first few days
  4. Your may feel pain, swelling or some bleeding that is normal

Do not do strenuous exercise and activities for the first fnew days to allow your wound area to clot and heal. If the pain, bleeding or swelling increases or if you have a fever, trouble breathing or swallowing, please do call to inform our bangkok oral surgery clinic.

What is the cost of teeth extraction?

For normal tooth extraction, there are only 2 ranges of teeth extraction category:

  • simple tooth extraction
  • complex tooth extraction

If you tooth is embedded under the gums in in the jaw bone, surgical teeth removal may be performed. If this is required, the cost of tooth removal will be based on surgical teeth removal prices

Learn more about BIDH dental fees.


Teeth extraction may be required if it is severely damaged, loose or causing issues to other teeth. For the majority of tooth extractions cases. they may be done simply and easily in one visit.

Normal tooth extraction do not require stitches with little or no recovery time. Surgical teeth extractions will require more care. With today’s advancements, tooth removal at BIDH oral surgery clinic can now be made less invasive, shorter and more comfortable for you. Sedation dentistry is also offered at our bangkok dental clinic.

Safe and Pain-free Oral Surgery

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Mild Sedation (Local Anaesthesia)

IV dental sedation

Moderate Sedation (IV semi-conscious)

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General Anesthesia (Sleep dentistry)

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Consult on having oral surgery under sedation for pain-free.

why choose BIDH Oral surgery clinic?

  1. Each of our oral surgeon has more than 10 years of experience in their field of speciality
  2. Our oral surgery clinic consists of a team of highly-qualfied dentists – many are American board or German board accredited. This means that your oral surgeon has obtained their specialization degree overseas in USA or Germany and is able to practice in those countries.
  3. As our team of oral surgeon and implantologists are professors, lecturers at their universities that oversees other thailand dentists, your oral surgery case is diagnoses and treated by top experts that has treated major and advance complex cases.
  4. Being lecturers and overseas trained, your dental expert adopts and uses the latest techniques and advance techniques based on clinical studies. Your treatment is therefore also more precise, less invasive and made safer with new technologies.
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  1. Our oral surgery clinic within BIDH dental hospital uses international standards and evidence based protocols. We abide by hospital-based guidelies on sterilization, infection prevention and control.
  2. Our team of dentists, nurses and doctor anesthesiologist are licensed and verified medical providers. This assures that your treatment is diagnoses and properly treated by trained, skilled and professional medical staff.
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Pain free dentistry
  • At BIDH dental surgery clinic, we are one of the few dental clinics in Thailand that offers sedation services or sleep dentistry for oral treatments.
  • We are one of the FIRST specialists dental hospital in Thailand that focuses ONLY on dentistry. Our core function, network and dental labs are integrated catering for dentistry. As a dedicated dental service provider, we are well positioned and offer safe sedation services following hospital standards.
  • Sedation services at BIDH is administered by experienced and licensed anesthesiologist using ASA standards. This assures you on patient safety.