What is Speed Braces?

Speed braces refers to self-ligating braces that uses high-tech brackets that has a uniqe clip to holid archwires without elastic bands or o- rings to shift teeth. A clip on the bracket holds the archwire in place enabling lower forces and less visibility.

There are several brands of speed braces. The 2 most popular speed braces systems offered at BIDH orthodontic clinic are:

3M Unitek

The 3M Clarity SL braces are clear braces as well as self-ligating brackets that allows for lower forces teeth movement whilst also being less visible with its patented clear brackets.

Damon Braces

Damon braces have self-ligating brackets with a unique clip mechanism to hold the archwire. Its brackets use a slide mechanism that allows teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably.

Speed braces Clinic

Self-ligating braces moves teeth with less force. For successful orthodontic results, it is important to choose a trained and qualified braces dentist who has been specially trained to treat functional occlusion bite problems.

Why Speed Braces?

  1. Self-ligating braces have brackets that hold archwires in place. There is less frictional force for less invasive treatment
  2. As there is no elastic bands, brushing and cleaning is easier
  3. Speed braces typically require fewer adjustments visits than traditional metal and clear braces, but this is individual-based.

Metal Braces versus Self-ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces eliminates the need for elastic bands. It has shape-memory wires and is clinically proven treatment approach to align teeth.

  1. Traditional metal braces has rubber bands holding the wires in place
  2. Self-ligtaing braces do not have rubber bands but is clipped in place
speed metal braces

Metal brackets  |  Metal SL brackets

Questions on Self-Ligating Braces

How is speed braces done?

The procedure for dental braces, recovery expectations and post care instructions for clear braces follows the same as that of traditional metal and clear braces. A difference between the self-ligating braces and traditonal braces procedure may be that for certain cases, the length for your monthly adjustments for self-ligating braces may be longer or less frequent.

  1. First Evaluation and treatment plan
    • Study model, imaging on panoramic x-ray and celphlometric x-ray is taken
    • Your orthodontist chooses the type of self-ligating braces with you
  2. Pre-orthodontic dental works
    • You may require some pre-treatment before your fixed braces are place on. Gum treatment, dental filling or teeth scaling is therefore typically first done.
  3. Installing of braces
    • When ready, your braces dentist places on the self-ligating brackets and titanium archwire
  4. Periodontic visits are made every 4 to 6 weeks to tigthen your the archwires
  5. After braces treatment is complete, retainers needs to be worn to teeth from shifting back into place.
What do I expect after speed braces fitting?

When your brackets are placed on and with every adjustment visits, you may feel some discomfort during the first days. If feeling sensitivity, pain relieve medications may be taken as prescribed. Soreness and tenderness from biting down will decrease over time after your are accustomed to the teeth shifting.

How do I care for my braces?
  • Please avoid sticky and biting on hard foods.
  • Do not chew on pens, pencils or fingernails that can damage your braces and lengthen treatment.
  • Clean, brush and floss daily to keep gums healthy and prevent tooth decay during and after orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthodontic other cleaning aids can help maintain good dental health that you are able to enquiry with our dental clinics.
What is the costs of speed braces?

Speed braces fees varies with which range of self-ligating brand chosen. At BIDH braces clinic, the ranges of self-ligating braces offered are:

  • Metal DamonQ fees
  • Damon3 braces fees
  • Damon Clear braces fees
  • 3M Unitek SL Clarity fees
  • 3M Unitek SL Clairty Ultra fees

Some of the above brackets are fully metallic, half clear or totally tooth-colored. Learn more about BIDH treatment fees.


Speed braces differs for metal and clear braces in that they use lighter forces without ligatures or o-rings. Popular self-ligating braces systems include damon braces and 3M unitek braces. Each of these 2 brands have varying ranges of self-ligating brackets.

Learn more on the ranges of Speed braces:

Find out more at our dedicated bangkok braces website and on damon braces.

Consult Our braces clinic

Consultation at our orthodontic clinic is complimentary! Get a treatment plan by one of our top maxillofacial experts.

Why Choose BIDH Orthodontic Clinic?

  1. At our orthodontic braces dental clinic in BIDH, your orthodontist uses digitalized technologies including:
    • Digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays : scans are taken by latest Planmeca advance imaging units that provides for one of the world’s lowest dosage exposure for your safety
    • Intra-oral scanners : takes a digital impression of your teeth without the need for conventional messy moulds and tastes. Digital scans are sent directly to dental labs for customize your orthodontic braces
    • Invisalign ClinCheck : softwares that simulates before to after case scenarios for you to picture end results and confirm treatment plan
    • Clear aligners : you are able to opt for removable braces using invisalign clear aligners that you are able to clean easy with comfort
    • Non-visible braces : there are now various orthodontic options whereby your treatment is non-visible or invisalign that includes invisalign, clear braces, self-ligating clear braces and lingual braces. It is especially suitable for adult orthodontics.
  1. At our braces clinic, all our orthodontic cases are treated by orthodontists. They are dental experts that undergo additional years of training at their universities to detect and treat facial and bite abnormalities. They specifically look at your bite and occlusion to treat bites that are incorrrect.
  2. BIDH bangkok dental selects its braces dentists. Many of them are American board certired, Australian board or Japan board certified. This means that your orthodontist has additional degrees and training overseas in USA, Australia and Japan. They are able to practice and treat patients in those countries.
  3. As our team of experienced orthodontists are invisalign diamond providers for invisible orthodontists. They thereafter treat a few hundreds of invisalign orthodontic bases each year to attain their tier awards.
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