What is Clear Braces?

Clear braces are orthodontic appliances that uses brackets that are tooth-colored or transluent so that braces appears less visible. Brackets for these braces may be ceramic or plastics. It uses the same orthodontic treatment techniques as conventional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces are metallic with colored bands. Clear braces are have clear or tooth-colored and its rubber bands may also be clear o-rings.

At BIDH orthodontic clinic, our braces dentists uses 3M Unitek Clarity with self-adhesive for clean sterilization and quality-based bonding that are packed in individual packs.The 3M polymer-brace is translucent making it one of the most popular aesthetic choices in braces today.

There are several ranges of 3M Unitek clear braces :

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Metal Brackets

3M Unitek metal brackets for conventional metal braces for most case indications.

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Ceramic Brackets

3M Unitek Clarity Braces are conventional ceramic brackets

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Self-ligating Brackets

3M™ Clarity™ SL Self-Ligating Brackets without ligatures or -rings.

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Self-ligating Ultra Brackets

3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating brackets with edges designed for patient comfort

Clear braces Clinic

Non-visible and effective, tooth-colored braces is a popular choice for teenages and adults. Choose a qualified orthodontist who are dentists specially trained to diagnoses and treat functional occlusion bite problems for successful treatment results.

Why Clear Braces?

  1. Translucent designed to blend in with teeth and thus fairly unnoticeable from distances and in photographs
  2. Many find ceramic braces are more comfortable than metal and tends to be less irritating to the gums
  3. Ceramic braces does not stain unlike composite brackets

Non-visible Orthodontic Braces

Clear braces makes orthodontic treatment less visible suitable for adults and teenagers.

Clarity braces
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BIDC Orthodontic Patients

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Questions on Clear Braces

  1. Treatment plan and assessment
    • Panoramic and celphlometric images are taken. Your dentist makes a study model.
    • Based on diangoses, your orthodontist draws up a treatment plan.
  2. Clear preliminary orthodontic works.
    • If your treatment plan requires prior tooth extraction, gum treatment or teeth scaling, your orthodontist refers you to other specialist in performing the pre-orthodontic works.
  3. Installing of braces.
    • Once any required pre-orthodontic treatment is completed, the braces are placed on with bands that applies the forces required to align teeth
  4. Visit your dentist for your monthly adjustments visits that are crucial to the successful outcome of orthodontic treatment.
  5. Retainers are made to be worn after braces is completed

Like metal braces, most people may expereience some discomfort from intial installment of their braces and with each adjustment visit.

If your teeth feels tender, pain relieve medication may be taken but the pressure will gradually decrease over time. Your surrouding soft tissue such as lips, cheeks and tongue may become irritated for the first few weeks as they adjust to the surface of the braces brackets.

  • Please careful to with hard and sticky foods when you have braces on
  • Avoid chewing on hard surfaces such as pens, pencils or fingernails  that can damaged your braces.
  • Brush, floss between your teeth and braces as instructed by your orthodontist  to keep gums healthy during and after orthodontic treatment.


Clear braces like metal braces can be used for the majority of cases indication to resolve maxillofacial issues. An additional benefit of clear braces to metal is that your treatment is less visible.

There are a variety of tooth-colored braces type including, ceramic brackets and self-ligating clear brackets. It is important to seek a qualified orthodontist for a successful orthodontic treatment outcome that does not drag on for many years. Simliarly, you will need to co-operate to attend your monthly adjustments visits and keep teeth and gums healthy that also plays a major factor in your orthodontic treatment outcome.

Learn more information about having orthodontic braces in bangkok and on invisible braces.

which Braces Type?

If you are unsure about the various types of braces options suited for your case, get a complimentary consultation with our orthodontist without any obligation to start treatment.

Why Choose BIDH Orthodontic Clinic?

  1. At our orthodontic braces dental clinic in BIDH, your orthodontist uses digitalized technologies including:
    • Digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays : scans are taken by latest Planmeca advance imaging units that provides for one of the world’s lowest dosage exposure for your safety
    • Intra-oral scanners : takes a digital impression of your teeth without the need for conventional messy moulds and tastes. Digital scans are sent directly to dental labs for customize your orthodontic braces
    • Invisalign ClinCheck : softwares that simulates before to after case scenarios for you to picture end results and confirm treatment plan
    • Clear aligners : you are able to opt for removable braces using invisalign clear aligners that you are able to clean easy with comfort
    • Non-visible braces : there are now various orthodontic options whereby your treatment is non-visible or invisalign that includes invisalign, clear braces, self-ligating clear braces and lingual braces. It is especially suitable for adult orthodontics.
  1. At our braces clinic, all our orthodontic cases are treated by orthodontists. They are dental experts that undergo additional years of training at their universities to detect and treat facial and bite abnormalities. They specifically look at your bite and occlusion to treat bites that are incorrrect.
  2. BIDH bangkok dental selects its braces dentists. Many of them are American board certired, Australian board or Japan board certified. This means that your orthodontist has additional degrees and training overseas in USA, Australia and Japan. They are able to practice and treat patients in those countries.
  3. As our team of experienced orthodontists are invisalign diamond providers for invisible orthodontists. They thereafter treat a few hundreds of invisalign orthodontic bases each year to attain their tier awards.
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