What is a dental implant bridge?

A dental implant bridge is used to replace a several teeth that has been lost together in one row or one area. Dental implant posts are embedded in jaw bone to act as new teeth roots that support a dental bridge fitted over the posts.

Regardless whether you have lost 3 or more missing teeth in one area, combinations of dental implant may be placed with a dental bridge built over the posts. instead of having single dental implant crown at each missing teeth location, dental implant bridges reduces the number of implants for a more economical option whilst still providing good strength and function.

Dental Implant Bridge Treatment Procedure

1. Preliminary preparations

A first assessment is made by your implant dentist with you. A 3D CT can and a panoramic x-ray is taken to check on bone condition and implant positioning.

missing posterior teeth

2. Placement of implants

Your implant posts are placed at spaced out positions. The posts will take about 2 months or more to osseointegrate with your jawbone. During this healing period, healing caps or prosthese (temporary bridge or partial denture) may be worn.

thailand implants

3. Fitting of your new bridge

After healing, your dental bridge is constructed and installed. You new teeth functions like normal teeth and there is no additional treatment required.

bridge implant

4. End result

Brush, floss and take care of your new dental implant bridge simliar to natural teeth. Keep your tooth and gum around it clean and healthy. Make bi-annual visits to your dentist for routine cleaning and checkup.

dental bridges

Dental Implant Bridge versus Traditional Dentures

If you have several missing tooth, dental implant bridges have several advantages over traditional dentures. Implant supported bridges are fixed and are easy to look after. They provide stable and strong foundation similiar to having natural teeth again.

bridge implant

Dental Implant Bridge

Several missing teeth are replaced with dental implants and bridge

Advantage of implant bridge
  1. Eliminates bone loss and gum recession due to missing teeth. Dental implants preserves your bone.
  2. Implant bridges are fixed and will not slip out of place like dentures
  3. You can chew and bite normally with implant-supported bridges as implant posts are strong.
  4. Dental implant supported bridges are long-lasting and permanent.
Limitations of implant bridge
  1. A longer healing period is required for dental implants before dental bridges are installed. But after healing, implant posts are stable and strong.
  2. Dental implant bridges normaly costs more than dentures.
bangkok partial dentures

Partial Dentures

Multiple lost teeth is replaced with a partial dentures

Advantage of partial dentures
  1. Partial dentures are affordable and economical.
  2. It can be used for a variety of case indications.
Limitations of dentures
  1. Dentures rely on existing teeth support and anchorage. They will thus need some existing teeth. Also partial dentures places load pressure on supporting teeth that can cause them to weaken over time.
  2. As dentures are removable, you will need to clean, maintain and ensure they are hydrated daily.
  3. Periodontic adjustments may be need ensure they are well-fitting. You may need to also replace them over time.

Tooth Implant Experts

BIDH as one of the leading dental implant teams in Thailand. Many of our dental specialists are international speakers in implantology as well as overseas board certified dentists. Consult with the region’s top team on peramament teeth replacements.

Why Chooose BIDH Dental Implant Clinic

  1. Each of BIDH’s implantologists has more than 10 years of experience in their field of implantology and/or prosthodontist
  2. We select an exclusive team of highly-qualfied experts, many of them are American board certified or graduates from USA or Europe. This means that your dental implant dentists has obtained their specialization degree overseas and are also able to treat patients in those countries.
  3. At BIDH dental implant clinic, you are in safe hands with treatments diagnosed and done by top experts who perform major and advance complex cases.
  4. The majority of our implantologists are professors, lecturers, international speakers and scholars. Our dental group has a track record statistics for successful implants of around 97% within a pool of tens of thousand of dental implant cases places for our patients over the past 8years.
  5. As a dental expert in their field, our dentists uses latest techniques and advance techniques based on clinical studies. Your treatment is therefore also more precise, less invasive and made safer with new technologies.
  6. Our dental network group is Straumann preferred and premiun provider having placed the most number of implants within Thailand.
Thailand dentists
  1. Our dental labs is one of the first in Thailand that is fully digitalized able to customize dental implant abutment, prostheses and all ceramic crown for each patient.
  2. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufaturing (CAM) machines are used within our dental labs to allow for teeth works to be made within a 24 hours turnaround time.
  3. Our dental implant clinic and implantologist team is one of the first in Thailand to treat and utilize many new techniques. These include digital surgical guides for safe implant placement; intra-oral scanning for precise implant prosthese; SLActive implants for faster osseointegration; and the latest immediacy BLX implants for full arch immediate function implants.
  4. Our on-site lab technicians customizes and layers your all ceramic teeth within our dental implant clinic on-the-spot to achieve natural-looking and aesthetic teeth results.
Dental Implant lab
  • As a dental implant clinic within a dental hospital, our center follows strict hospital-base quality controls, sterilization, infection prevention and control measures.
  • We use evident-based guidlines within our dental treatments to ensure high patient safety and professional treatment.
  • BIDH is one of Thailand’s FIRST specialized dental hospital with its operating theatre, in-patient rooms and a post anaesthedia care unit (PACU) for patients that opt for pain-free sedation dentistry.
  • All our dentists, doctors and nurses are licensed and verified for their qualifications.
Tooth implant clinic

What Indications Dental Implants Treat?

Dental implants can be used to replace single, several or a edentulous full jaw.

Single Missing Tooth

Multiple Missing Teeth

All Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Techniques and Methodology

Your dental implant treatment may vary in methodology and timeline based on number of missing teeth requiring replacement, oral conditions, implant ranges and techniques.

Conventional Implants, Immediate Function and Immediate Implants

Costs of Dental Implant Bridges

The cost of replacing several missing teeth with dental implant bridge will vary with the number of teeth implants and how many units of crowns is used on the bridge.

If there are 3 missing teeth in one row, 2 implant posts with a bridge of 3 unit crown may be used.

If there are 4 missing teeth in one row, your dentist may recommend

  • 2 implant posts with a bridge of 4 unit crowns or
  • 3 implant posts with a bridge of 4 unit crown.

The number of implant posts to number of crown will depending on where your missing teeth are. Chewing function at the front of your teeth is less than at the posterior areas. To find out a costs quote of your dental implant bridge, you will need to get a consult with your dentist.

Aside from the number of crown units within bridge, the cost of your implant treatment will also vary by the implant brand and range you choose. 

Cost of Dental Implant Crown

4 missing teeth

2 implant post with bridge of 4 unit crowns 

4 missing teeth

3 implant post with bridge of 4 unit crowns 


Implant bridge can replace several teeth that are missing in one row using dental implant posts with dental bridge fitted over the implants. These helps reduce the number of required implants whilst restoring chewing and biting function.

Complimenatry Consultation

If you have concerns about tooth replacement or would like to get a cost quote for your implant bridge, simply send us an online enquiry for an appointment.