When do I need in-patient services?

If you require complex oral surgery such as jaw surgery or are undergoing full mouth dental implants and do not have an accompanying person, BIDH oral surgery clinic is ready to service you at our in-patient department. Our registered nurses will be on the standby 24 hours for you during your stay at BIDH dental hospital.

The majority of our patients are out-patients that complete their dental treatment during day time and return home. Even with IV sedation and full general anaesthesia, patients are normally discharged to return home. If however your oral surgeon requires monitoring due to complex surgical cases or if you are worried of staying alone, you can opt to use our in-patient services.

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general anaesthesia and Sedation dentistry

BIDH has patient rooms that accomodations both you and your companion during sedation dentistry. With bathroom facilities, nurse care and doctors at your assistance. You are able to extend your stay by daily nights if you are not yet ready for discharge.

In-patient dental clinic

  1. In-patient registration
  2. Nurse station
  3. Patient rooms
  4. Post care anaesthesia unit
  5. Operating theatre
In-patient registration
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Post anaesthesia care unit

Patient rooms

Patient room

In-patient services

Nurse station

Nurse station

Standby assistance

Dental hospital OR

Operating theatre

Sterilized area

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Sleep dentistry

Let us take care of you at our in-patient service department with our registered nurses and doctor are on the stand-by to assist during your dental treatment with us.

Treatments that may require in-patient services include any oral surgery requiring moderate to deep sedative treatments due to complexity, phobia, anxiety or natural of procedure.

Jaw Surgery Dental Implants Surgical Extractions Major bonegrafts

All BIDH in-patient rooms facilities

  • On-suite bathrooms with tolietries
  • In-room meal service
  • Fridge
  • Television
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Sedative Dentistry and In-patient Questions

Yes. We are able to arranging bedding and extra room for your companion as well as extra meal on request. Please simply inform our customer service or nurses.

Our patient room are located on level 2 of BIDH dental hospital. Our out-patient dental clinics are located on level 3,4,5 within the same building. There is ample parking at our dental hospital.

If you are undergoing general anesthesia, you will need to fulfill some criteria before your are recommended for discharge. Your aldrete score is measured by the nurses. If you do not meet the baseline of criteria may need specialized care, you will likely be requested for monitoring at either PACU or transfer to an in-patient room until your condition stablizes

In additional to meeting the aldrete criteria, you will need to meet below state:

  • You are thermodynamically stable and clear of secretions.
  • Have the ability to be oriented to time, person and place and is able to follow instructions.
  • You are able to tolerate liquid or soft diet based on your doctor’s order.
  • You can move about and walk.

Your doctor will provide instructions on nutrition, medications and activities that you should follow after discharge. Please contact us in case of excessive bleeding, pain, fever or trouble breathing or swallowing.

The costs of staying at our dental hospital is charged by per day with the below breakdown. A typical one day stay is about 9,000 baht/per day. The package room fees include:

  • Single Room
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Nursing (Room)
  • Hospital – Standard medical equipment & supplies

Medication and sedation are separate charges from above in-patient room stay. For accompanying person staying overnight with the need of extra bed and meals, this may be ordered and requested, plesae do simply enquire the costs with our customer care staff.

The cost for minimal, moderate and deep sedation varies with the number of hours required. Learn more about BIDH dental fees. To obtain a better cost quote for sedative option, get an online quote from us.


You may be required to stay at our dental hospital if undergoing complex treatments or maybe you are phobia requiring sedation dentistry on deep sedation without an accompanying person. We welcome you to stay at our in-patient service rooms.

BIDH oral surgery clinic has facilities to accomodate you to stay-in for oral surgery treatments. Our operating theatre are specificially for dentistry and we follow international standards on sterilization, infection prevention control and anesthesia guidelines. All our doctors and nurses are registered and verified on their license.  Our dental hospital offers a one-stop dental treatment service.

Safe and Pain-free Oral Surgery

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Mild Sedation (Local Aanesthesia)
  • Oral medications administered with local anaesthesia to reduce anxiety
  • You are conscious and can respond normally to verbal commands
  • There is no loss of coordination
  • Ventilating and cardiovascular functions are unaffected
IV dental sedation
Moderate Sedation (IV semi-conscious)
  • IV sedation is administered
  • You are semi-consciousness and can still response purposefully to verbal commands with light reminder
  • No interventions is required to maintain a airway and spontaneous ventilation is adequate. Cardiovascular function is usually maintained.
Surgery dental clinic
General Anesthesia (Sleep dentistry)
  • Gas or drug-induced anesthesia is given in operating theatre
  • You will be placed to seep and have no re-collection of the surgery
  • You are will be supported and monitored for ventilation and checked for cardiovascular function
  • After surgery, you will be checked for consciousness before discharged and need to be accompanied home and monitored for 24 hours

 IV sedation or Sleep dentistry

Oral surgery treatment at BIDH worry-free with in-patient services. Get a complimentary consultation on sedation dentistry.

why choose BIDH Oral surgery clinic?

Pain free dentistry
  • At BIDH dental surgery clinic, we are one of the few dental clinics in Thailand that offers sedation services or sleep dentistry for oral treatments.
  • We are one of the FIRST specialists dental hospital in Thailand that focuses ONLY on dentistry. Our core function, network and dental labs are integrated catering for dentistry. As a dedicated dental service provider, we are well positioned and offer safe sedation services following hospital standards.
  • Sedation services at BIDH is administered by experienced and licensed anesthesiologist using ASA standards. This assures you on patient safety.
  1. Each of our oral surgeon has more than 10 years of experience in their field of speciality
  2. Our oral surgery clinic consists of a team of highly-qualfied dentists – many are American board or German board accredited. This means that your oral surgeon has obtained their specialization degree overseas in USA or Germany and is able to practice in those countries.
  3. As our team of oral surgeon and implantologists are professors, lecturers at their universities that oversees other thailand dentists, your oral surgery case is diagnoses and treated by top experts that has treated major and advance complex cases.
  4. Being lecturers and overseas trained, your dental expert adopts and uses the latest techniques and advance techniques based on clinical studies. Your treatment is therefore also more precise, less invasive and made safer with new technologies.
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  1. Our oral surgery clinic within BIDH dental hospital uses international standards and evidence based protocols. We abide by hospital-based guidelies on sterilization, infection prevention and control.
  2. Our team of dentists, nurses and doctor anesthesiologist are licensed and verified medical providers. This assures that your treatment is diagnoses and properly treated by trained, skilled and professional medical staff.
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