Oral Surgery Clinic

Oral surgery bascially involves any dental surgical treatments. Dental consultation, proper diagnosesand treatment plan with our dental specialists will first be required before oral surgery takes place.

At BIDH bangok dental, modern diagnostic technologies such as digital CT scan and x-ray machines and equipment are utilized. Sterilization for critical surgical instruments are autoclaved and equipment are triple-checked for expiry date, chemical indicators and biological indicators for total sterilization prior to its use in surgery.

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  1. Each of our oral surgeon has more than 10 years of experience in their field of speciality
  2. Our oral surgery center consists of a team of highly-qualfied dentists – many are American board or German board accredited. This means that your oral surgeon has obtained their specialization degree overseas in USA or Germany and is able to practice in those countries.
  3. As our team of oral surgeon and implantologists are professors, lecturers at their universities that oversees other thailand dentists, your oral surgery case is diagnoses and treated by top experts that has treated major and advance complex cases.
  4. Being lecturers and overseas trained, your dental expert adopts and uses the latest techniques and advance techniques based on clinical studies. Your treatment is therefore also more precise, less invasive and made safer with new technologies.
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  1. BIDH dental hospital uses international standards and evidence based protocols. We abide by hospital-based guidelies on sterilization, infection prevention and control.
  2. Our team of dentists, nurses and doctor anesthesiologist are licensed and verified medical providers. This assures that your treatment is diagnoses and properly treated by trained, skilled and professional medical staff.
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Pain free dentistry
  • At BIDH bangkok dental center, we are one of the few dental clinics in Thailand that offers sedation services or sleep dentistry for oral treatments.
  • We are one of the FIRST specialists dental hospital in Thailand that focuses ONLY on dentistry. Our core function, network and dental labs are integrated catering for dentistry. As a dedicated dental service provider, we are well positioned and offer safe sedation services following hospital standards.
  • Sedation services at BIDH is administered by experienced and licensed anesthesiologist using ASA standards. This assures you on patient safety.

Oral Surgery Dental Treatments

Surgical Extraction & Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because the tooth have broken under the gum line or because the tooth has not fully erupt. Surgical extractions almost always require an incision and stitches.

Normal Teeth Extraction

Simple tooth extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anaesthesia using instruments to remove the visible portion of the tooth with slow, steady pressure is applied at controlled force.

Bone Graft Surgery

Bone graft surgery is done to replace missing bone or when there is insufficient bone for implant placement. Bone grafting is possible because bone tissue has the special ability to regenerate completely if provided the space into which to grow.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Dental implants are done in two stages. First stage involves the surgical placement on the implant posts.The second stage is a non-surgical stage of fitting the prosthetics on dental implants.

Orthognatic Surgery or Jaw Alignment Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is surgery performed on the bones of the jaws to change their positions. The surgical correction of jaw excess/deficiency may be due to mandibular setback/advancement or management of facial deformities.

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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery involves surgical treatment done prior to the placement of prosthetics. Treatments may include crown-lengthening, gum grafting or gingivectomy.

BIDH Patient Review on Sedation and Oral Surgery

dental review
Patient review sedation

Safe and Pain-free Oral Surgery

Dental surgical procedures under local anaethesia are treated by your oral surgeon at BIDH’s dental clinic treatment rooms on levels 3,4 or 5. BIDH follows international patient safety goals (IPSGs) by JCI standards for correct patient, correct-site, correct-procedure. Prior to a start of a surgical procedure, protocols to mark the surgical site, a pre-verification check and a time-out period is done to ensure proper equipment, complete sterilization and the right treatment is done.

For dental surgeries under general anaethesia, treatment is done at our operating theatre on level 2. At BIDH’s oral surgery clinic, this dedicated floor has a post anaethesia care unit (PACU) and in-patient rooms for day and night care by our registered nurses. All our anaesthesia procedures following ASA standards and the same IPSG safety surgery protocols.

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  • Oral medications administered with local anaesthesia to reduce anxiety
  • You are conscious and can respond normally to verbal commands
  • There is no loss of coordination
  • Ventilating and cardiovascular functions are unaffected
IV dental sedation
  • IV sedation is administered
  • You are semi-consciousness and can still response purposefully to verbal commands with light reminder
  • No interventions is required to maintain a airway and spontaneous ventilation is adequate. Cardiovascular function is usually maintained.
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  • Gas or drug-induced anesthesia is given in operating theatre
  • You will be placed to seep and have no re-collection of the surgery
  • You are will be supported and monitored for ventilation and checked for cardiovascular function
  • After surgery, you will be checked for consciousness before discharged and need to be accompanied home and monitored for 24 hours

Experienced Oral surgeons

Our oral surgeons American and German board certified oral surgeons that have done numerous major oral surgery cases. Consult on sedation treatment options with oral surgeons for worry-free dental surgical procedures.


Many people are apprehensive about have oral surgery such as teeth extraction, wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, bone, gum or jaw surgery done. However with today’s advance in dental techniques and technologies, having oral surgery done is quicker, less invasive and safer.

Your oral surgeon has instruments using 3D CT Scan, digital imaging, microscopes to aid them for a more precise treatment cutting short actual surgical procedures as treatment is pre-planned in advance.

At BIDH oral surgery clinic, you can also opt for pain-free dentistry whereby you are placed to sleep without any knowledge of your actual surgery. Moderate sedation with IV and under local anaesthesia monitored by our registered nurses ensure you receive safe surgical treatment. As we utilize hospital standards, your oral surgery treatments are verified for sterilization, patient safety and infection prevention and controls. 

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