What is Retainers?

An orthodontic retainer is a device that is used to keep teeth in their new positions after braces or clear aligner treatment. After active orthodontic treatment is completed, most patients will need to wear a retainer for a thereafter or a period of time.

Retainers may be removable or fixed type.

Retainers Clinic

You will need to keep existing teeth in position after orthodontic treatment with either a fixed or removable type retainer. Ask our dental experts at BIDH braces clinic.

Why Retainers?

Fixed Retainers


  • Fixed appliances are attached to the inner side of teeth so it is non-visible, more cosmetic and less intrusive


  • It is more difficult to clean and maintain.

Removable Retainers


  • Removable retainers provider better comfort.
  • It is easier to clean and may be removed for eating.
  • For certain removable appliances, it does not cover the chewing surface of the teeth.


  • Plastic is delicate and if mishandled can easily break.
  • Removable may not be recommended if there is a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth.
  • They tend to be less bulky as they are made of translucent plastic.
  • Removable retainers are easier to lose or forgetten to be worn.

Choosing an experience orthdontist ensures successful treatment results.

Retaining your teeth with retainers after treatment is as equally important to maintain treatment outcome.

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Types of Retainers

hawley retainers


Hawley has a metal wire that goes around the front of your teeth and is held by a strong acrylic material that goes against your palate. Most orthodontics recommend hawley is effective and adjustable that can be used to refine alignment of teeth.
clear retainers

Essix or Clear

The Essix or Vivera looks like a clear aligner used to hugs teeth all around the arch. Essix are fairly unnoticeable and will need to be cared and inspected regularly as they can develop cracks and be distorted if exposed to heat.
internal fixed retainers


Permanent retainers are bonded to the back of your teeth and are fixed without the need to remove them daily. Fixed appliance will require proper brusing and flossing. And bonded retainers are effective as it is consistently worn.

Questions on Retainers

  1. Evaluation on completion of orthodontic treatment
    • After completing your orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will normally do an assessment with x-ray imaging for a check on your bite and ensure that your treatment outcome is successful.
  2. Impression taking
    • Your braces dentist takes a tooth impression of your teeth to have send to the dental labs. Your retainers may be a removable or fixed type.
  3. Delivery or fitting 
    • Once the retainers are delivered,  fixed typed are fitted and removable typed provided to you for wear
  4. Bi-annual checkup
    • Visit your dentist bi-annual to ensure that gums and teeth are healthy with professional dentist teeth cleaning
    • If your appliance is broken or stained, you may like need to have a new replacement.

Care for removable typed appliances

  • Rinse them well with warm water. Never use hot water as they can become distored.
  • Soak them in a cleaning solution at least once a day, following package instructions. Do not soak them longer than necessary and never overnight or all day. Rinse well after soaking.
  • Occasionally, use a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush to brush them thoroughly.
  • Attend routine dental check up every 6 months and bring along your retainers

Care for fixed type appliance 

  • Brush over your retainer in a vertical direction with your toothbrush.
  • To clean between teeth, “Superfloss” is recommended
  • Attend routine dental check up every 6 months to have teeth cleaned and fixed retainers checked


It is necessary to have retainers worn after orthodontic treatment is complete to prevent any relapse of teeth back into its original position. They may be fixed or removable and may be made of metal or plastics.

Learn more about braces in thailand and teeth straightening retainers.

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Why Choose BIDH Orthodontic Clinic?

  1. At our braces clinic, all our orthodontic cases are treated by orthodontists. They are dental experts that undergo additional years of training at their universities to detect and treat facial and bite abnormalities. They specifically look at your bite and occlusion to treat bites that are incorrrect.
  2. BIDH bangkok dental selects its braces dentists. Many of them are American board certired, Australian board or Japan board certified. This means that your orthodontist has additional degrees and training overseas in USA, Australia and Japan. They are able to practice and treat patients in those countries.
  3. As our team of experienced orthodontists are invisalign diamond providers for invisible orthodontists. They thereafter treat a few hundreds of invisalign orthodontic bases each year to attain their tier awards.
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  1. At our orthodontic braces dental clinic in BIDH, your orthodontist uses digitalized technologies including:
    • Digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays : scans are taken by latest Planmeca advance imaging units that provides for one of the world’s lowest dosage exposure for your safety
    • Intra-oral scanners : takes a digital impression of your teeth without the need for conventional messy moulds and tastes. Digital scans are sent directly to dental labs for customize your orthodontic braces
    • Invisalign ClinCheck : softwares that simulates before to after case scenarios for you to picture end results and confirm treatment plan
    • Clear aligners : you are able to opt for removable braces using invisalign clear aligners that you are able to clean easy with comfort
    • Non-visible braces : there are now various orthodontic options whereby your treatment is non-visible or invisalign that includes invisalign, clear braces, self-ligating clear braces and lingual braces. It is especially suitable for adult orthodontics.