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Zygoma Implants with Fixed bridges

Zygoma Implants by Nobel Biocare are dental implants placed high up in the zygoma area for cases with significant boneloss.

  • Reduces the need for bonegrafts
  • Gives Functional Excellence
  • Fast, fixed and cost effective
  • Immediate Function in mandible and maxilla
  • Optimal prosthetic support

Installing Zygoma Implants with Supported Fixed Bridges

The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. Consult your dentist to find out what the best solution is for you, given your specific condition.


1:Before the procedure

The dentist determines what needs to be done and prepares both himself and the patient for the coming treatment procedure.

2. Installing the implants

The Branemark zygoma implants are placed in the posterior area under general anathesia in the zygoma area while front dental implants provides support for the fixed bridges in the anterior area.

Bangkok Dental Implant, Fixed Bridges on Implants

3. Attaching the fixed bridges

The fixed bridges are made and attached to the implants

Bangkok Dental Implant, Fixed Bridges on Implants

4. End result

Your new teeth should be hard to tell from natural – both for you and others. People who have had traditional dentures before getting a fixed bridge often describe this as an overwhelming and very positive experience.

Material taken from Nobel Biocare

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