General Dentistry

General dentistry involves professional checkups and cleaning in maintaining teeth and gums so that they remain healthy for a life-time. The main streams under general practice includes:

Dental Diagnoses

Dental Diagnosis is the most important aspect in modern dentistry. Oral examinations and checkup are done to ensure a proper treatment plan is drawn and executed

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Scaling & Polishing

Teeth scaling is done to remove calculus or tartar on teeth that causes tooth decay and gum infections. Professional teeth polishing is done to restore your teeth's natural sheen. Teeth cleaning with scaling and polishing may be done by conventional scalers or by airflow.

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Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are the most common restoration done to fill a portion of tooth after cavities or decay is removed. Mercury amalgam fillings is now commonly replaced with tooth-colored filings. BIDH is an amalgam-free dental center. Safe removal of amalgam fillings is also done at BIDH.

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