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Endodontic Equipments

The Root Apex locator aids our endodontist in defining the length of the teeth. At our clinics, the ROOT ZX from J Morita Corporation is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) which provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions. 

ROOT ZX's advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp. The microprocessor also calibrates ROOT ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. These features and more make ROOT ZX one of the most highly rated root canal length measuring devices on the market enabling endodontists or root canal dentists to better treat root canal cases.


Endodontic Microscope

The OPMI Pico microscope has been developed exclusively for microdentistry applications. The patented microscope lens by Carl Zeiss enables crisp, razor-sharp images with outstanding contrast and impressive stereoscopic relief for a detailed look at the problem area during treatment.

The microcsope used in root canal treatments by an endodontist, has an illumination with unparalleled intensity 5 magnification steps including from low-power viewing to examination of even the smallest detail. High-intensity, cold light illumination that allows for viewing of deep, narrow canals.


Endodontic Micromotor 

The Endo-Mate by NSK is an instrument to drill and measures the rotation speed as well as torque levles during root canal treatments. The Endo-mate equipment has an autoreverse function that activates when the present torque level has been exceeded allowing dentists and endodontists to perform safe and more accurate root canal preparation.